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Logbook Organizer SMART Software - New Product Review


Tucson, AZ -

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Via the Internet with Logbook Organizer Software

My interest in the organization of critical aircraft maintenance data is a result of working for a major US airline as a Systems Engineer for a fleet of 200 Boeing 737 aircraft. As one of the systems engineers on this fleet I was always keenly interested in what AD’s or Service Bulletins had been previously performed on the fleet and when and what maintenance had been accomplished. The airline had several non-integrated, text-based programs to record and store this data and data searches were tedious, cumbersome, and at times inaccurate. There was no way to integrate these text-based systems to get the overall big picture of the aircraft maintenance. Needless to say, the time spent working with these outdated databases was significant and costly to the bottom line of the airline. My thoughts were, “Why pay an engineer to spend hours a day trying to find out if a component installed on an aircraft had already been modified by a service bulletin”? It was frustrating and I wished there was a better way to organize data into much needed information.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a “real-time” demonstration of the SMART (System Maintenance Aviation Record Tracking) software, developed by Logbook Organizer, located in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Tim Carr, President and CEO of Logbook Organizer, performed the demonstration for me via the Internet. I am located in Tucson, AZ and the speed at which the SMART software functioned was remarkable, even with my dial-up Internet connection (yes, I know…I need to upgrade). Mr. Carr stepped me through the demonstration noting each SMART function and special features of the software, he was very informative and answered all my questions about the software.

The web-based Logbook Organizer SMART software integrates all the necessary aircraft tracking and maintenance functions into a very easy to use web-based interface. The layout of the user interface is logical and simply walks the user through the program. But, if a user has a question about the software or a software function there is an integrated Help function.

Here are a few of the functions contained in the Logbook Organizer SMART software: Ability to track several different types of aircraft and all engine types are supported as well as APUs. FAA AD’s are uploaded daily so the user knows what applies to his fleet and when the AD completion is required. Aircraft specifics such as landings, pressure cycles, and component parts are also tracked. A visit to will give you the entire description, and a call to Mr. Carr is all you will need to schedule your own on-line, real-time demonstration of SMART.

If my old airline used this software package I would have known how my fleet of 737’s were doing and that would have resulted in cost savings to the airline, something all airlines are now keenly interested in. The bottom line is I liked what I saw and liked what the software did. I would encourage anyone responsible for tracking a fleet or a few aircraft to take advantage of the demonstration. In my opinion Logbook Organizer SMART is a great product.

Jim Davidson President – FAA DER Davidson Engineering Resources

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