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Davidson Engineering Resources will provide engineering and FAA DER certification services for the integration and FAA STC of the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) developed by AeroMechanical Services USA, Inc. on Horizon Airlines Dash-8 aircraft.

03/30/04 Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) March 30, 2004--Davidson Engineering Resources, an association of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), and provider of aircraft engineering and FAA certification services, has been selected by Aerotech Structures Inc., of Bessemer, AL to provide certification and engineering for the STC of the AeroMechanical Services USA, Inc., AFIRS 220 on Horizon Airlines Dash-8 aircraft.

The AeroMechanical Services USA Inc., AFIRS 220 system is an avionics unit that collects aircraft performance data automatically, via data bus interfaces. The aircraft data is then transmitted to a ground station from the aircraft via satellite, for immediate analysis and generation of reports for various individual aircraft and/or the total fleet. The complete raw data is stored on the built-in flash card making the AFIRS™ unit also a Quick Access Recorder (QAR).

Mr. Roger Martyna, FAA Structural DER, owns Aerotech Structures, Inc. and has worked with AeroMechanical Services on several past programs.

AeroMechanical Services is a Calgary based company that designs, builds, markets and supports innovative solutions for the global airline business. AMS is positioned to become the leader in aviation data recording and reporting sector through its' innovative AFIRS™ data collection and transmission devices. AFIRS™, in conjunction with Uptime™, provides business-critical data to subscribers where and when they need it.

AeroMechanical also delivers an innovative Underfloor Stowage Unit, which provides significantly increased flight deck safety and utility to flight crews. Finally, the announcement of AirQ™, a ground breaking technology to effectively remove pathogens from the air-conditioning systems of aircraft, is receiving wide interest from the aviation industry.

Horizon Airlines, Inc. is a Portland, OR based airline, whose motto is "shared values of heart, innovation/initiative, integrity, continuous improvement and partnership, will operate the AFIRS™ equipped Dash-8 aircraft.

Key customer benefits of the AFIRS 220 system are.

-Secure, accurate, timely information about your fleet -Aircraft usage data -Aircraft condition and location -Active monitoring -Increased data accuracy and operational efficiency -Reduce flight data collection costs -Eliminate errors from manual data entry -Worldwide monitoring and access through the Internet -Enable a "single point flight data source" for your entire operation

"Having worked for a large commercial airline in the maintenance environment I know the importance of real-time aircraft data when trying to troubleshoot an in-flight aircraft systems problem. Most aircraft data today is logged by the flight crew for after flight analysis by a maintenance ground crew, a process with much variability and potential miscommunications", says Jim Davidson FAA DER and President of Davidson Engineering Resources. "The AFIRS 220 eliminates the problems inherent with the pencil and paper fault logging process. AFIRS 220 is a true advance in aircraft maintenance operations, which is reflected in reduced aircraft maintenance costs and increased aircraft availability. I am extremely honored to be a part of this valuable aircraft troubleshooting and data management system STC", says Davidson.

For Information: Contact: Jim Davidson, FAA DER President Phone (520) 977-9824 Fax (520) 546-4242

Contact: Roger Martyna, FAA Structural DER Phone (205) 965-6985 Fax (801) 760-3205 Darryl Jacobs, President Phone (403) 291-7434 Fax (403 291-9717