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Davidson Engineering Resources, Inc. FAA DER's has begun working with Drake Air Inc., of Tulsa, OK. Drake Air Inc., is an FAA and JAA certified repair station specializing in heat transfer, hydraulic, electro-mechanical and fluid system components. Their mission is to provide world-class quality products with small-company responsiveness and attention to details and to its customers.

Nu-Matrix™ - The “Cooler” Alternative

Aircraft heat transfer components, such as oil coolers, fuel heaters and heat exchangers, are some of the most important, yet often neglected components on an aircraft. These components are responsible for maintaining a specified system temperature ranges set forth by the engine/aircraft manufacturer. Significant engine damage may be had as a result of faulty heat transfer equipment.

Failure due to leaking, core blockage and/or poor airflow is common. Leakage may be the result of increased pressure due to clogged oil circuits. Poor airflow may be the result of FOD, dust, grass and/or carbon build up. Whatever the reason, component efficiency is significantly reduced, and may result in system damage.

Many times, normal cleaning and repair techniques will improve the components performance. When normal servicing will not suffice, Drake Air Nu-Matrix™ is the answer.

Nu-Matrix™, offered exclusively by Drake Air, is a welcomed alternative to the high expense of component replacement. This FAA approved program utilizes the tanks/ducts from the existing unit, while replacing the core matrix (fin/plate or tube/header) of the unit with a state-of-the-art, vacuum brazed core matrix assembly. This process, in effect, restores the original unit to a “zero time” condition, with the performance and reliability of a new component.

All Nu-Matrix™ components are accompanied by an FAA/JAA Dual Release and are supported by a very attractive warranty period. In many cases, Drake Air offers immediate exchange units and same day shipping. For more information, contact Drake Air at (800) 542-6899 or visit them at

For Information:
Contact: Jim Davidson FAA DER & President
Phone (520) 977-9824
Fax (520) 546-4242

Contact: Drake Air, Inc.
Phone (918) 445-3545
Fax (918) 445-5106
Toll Free (800) 542-6899