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Davidson Engineering Resources (DER) is capable of providing the services listed below:

  • Field Approvals (FAA Form 337). We are uniquely positioned to provide services throughout the western US. Contact us with your proposed 337 project!

  • TC Support. We can provide support for design and development as well as certification guidance on all aspects of aircraft design.

  • STC Projects. Our DER's are well acquainted with FAA personnel at the LA ACO, Atlanta ACO, Wichita ACO, New Your ACO, Chicago ACO, as well as the other FAA certification offices. We have prepared many PSCPs, developed a realistic program plans, and maintain close contact with the FAA throughout the TC/STC process. This assures that your project will not be "lost in the paperwork".

    Our DER's will support equipment qualification testing (DO-160 test witnessing), report writing, certification matrix tracking and all the aspects that guarantee a successful TC/STC program.

    Have an TC/STC program? Call, email or fax us!

    Of prime importance in STC programs is confidentiality. Davidson Engineering Resources, Inc. will respect and maintain all confidential data, plans, and all program aspects.

  • PMA Projects. Our engineering design capabilities can provide the support you need to develop PMA products. From basic engineering to test witnessing and report writing, we can provide the technical advantage.

  • Damage Tolerance Analysis. Highly specialized DER capabilities can be brought on to the team to support DTA aircraft modifications.

  • HIRF, Lighting & Software DERs. Highly specialized DER capabilities are readily available support complex avionics modifications / installations.

  • Aging Aircraft Structure, Systems, and Wiring. Our DER's are current on issues of aging aircraft structure, systems, and wiring.

  • Subsystem Component Monitoring and Data Gathering. Davidson Engineering Resources, Inc. has embarked on the development of an STC that gathers operational parameters of non-integrated subsystem components. This STC is in direct response to aviation industry requirements for improved maintenance visibility and susequent maintenance actions based on "REAL DATA" instead of hunches and maybe's. This STC is being developed to be flexible and directly support airline, business jet (Part 25 and Part 23) maintenance programs. Systems targeted are: Air Conditioning & Pneumatics (valves, heat exchangers, ducting), Electrical (voltage / current signatures of various components), Hydraulics (pressures), and other systems designs are on the drawing board.